All players have the right to be spoken to or addressed in a friendly, respectful manner.
What do we mean by Respecting Players?

Respecting players means that players should not create negative experiences for other players.

Behavior which is not allowed:
• Discrimination - negative comments related to skin color, gender, or other personal qualities.
• Overuse of bad language
• Trolling players
• Insulting other players in any way
• Encouraging violence or hatred towards other players
• Falsifying information about other players
• Sharing another player’s personal information without their consent
• Media Advertising - posting links to YouTube, Twitter, SnapChat, Domains, etc
• Spamming - pasting the same or similar messages over and over
• Intentionally avoiding the chat filter
• Talking about self-harm, or other deeply negative experiences
• Advertising giveaways

Players have the right to play in an environment which is fair and free of cheating and exploiting.
What is an unfair advantage?

Unfair advantage means that players should not get interrupted during games for any of the reasons below:-

• Encouraging cheating
• Exploiting
• Autoclick / Macros
• Disallowed Mods
• Stats Boosting

What Mods are allowed?

There are modifications which you can use on TribeWars, these are cosmetic mods which show limited amounts of additional information that cannot give you an unfair in-game advantage.

Categories of Allowed Modifications
• Client performance improvement mods (e.g. FPS improvement mods).
• Aesthetic modifications (e.g. shaders mods).
• Armor and Effect Status hud mods.
• Brightness and gamma adjustment mods.

We encourage players to be creative in art and designs in a way that doesn’t damage the experience of others. This includes all content such as item names, skins, and capes, which are created by players.

What does Sensible Creative and Artistic Content mean?
Sensible Creative and Artistic Content means that players can express themselves with interactive parts of the server. However, players also have the right to not be exposed to certain content; please refer to the list below for content that should be reported to staff.

• Inappropriate Buildings - e.g. racist or sexual imagery
• Inappropriate Item Names - e.g. racial slurs or sexual phrases
• Inappropriate Pet Names - e.g. racial slurs or sexual phrases
• Inappropriate Skins and Capes - e.g. racist or sexual imagery
• Inappropriate Usernames - e.g. racist, sexual or impersonating
• Inappropriate Tribe Names - e.g. racist, sexual